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Facial Aesthetics

dermal fillers and facial aesthetics treatments

Anti-wrinkle treatment

Nonsurgical anti-wrinkle treatment is used to temporarily relax facial muscles that cause lines and wrinkles. These products are safe, when administered by medical professionals, and have been used in the medical and cosmetic fields for many decades. The serum is injected most often directly into muscles that cause frown lines between the eyebrows and the area around the side of the eyes to improve the look of crow’s feet.

Studies have also suggested that anti-wrinkle injections are effective in relieving migraine headaches, excessive sweating and muscle spasms in the neck and eyes. The effects often last up to four months, depending on the patient. If you decide to stop treatment, any permanent lines will gradually return.

Anti-wrinkle pricelist

Anti-wrinkle (1 area)
Anti-wrinkle (2 areas)
Anti-wrinkle (3 areas)
anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers at Hassocks Dental Surgery

Dermal Fillers

Fillers, also known as dermal fillers, are used to replace lost volume. As we age, our cells produce less natural collagen and elastin, and our skin becomes drier and less plump due to a reduction in the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in our bodies. (HA is a sugar molecule that is present throughout the body and lubricates joints and acts as a moisturising cushion).

Dermal fillers, which are high in HA, are injected under the skin through a fine needle; this adds volume, visibly smoothing lines and wrinkles, and making the face fresher. Generally, fillers would be used in the cheek area or the lips to plump out the outline and restore volume. Everyone is different, so a consultation is always the best way to start.

Dermal fillers pricelist

Facial fillers, nose and mouth line